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Example Service Provider

This serice demonstrates a sample Domain Conect Service Provider.

The service hosts a website for a domain name that displays a custom message. Like many hosting SaaS providers, this service requires modifications to DNS in the form of an A Record. It also stores the custom message in DNS in a TXT record. This is rather clever, as it is using DNS as a distributed database. We would not advocate this in a real world application.

There are two templates as part of this application. Both setup the service is slightly different ways. The first template sets up DNS as described above. The second adds an additional CNAME, and requires signatures.

Template 1

Template 2


For the synchronous protocol, we need the domain name, the optional host (subdomain), and the message. The subsequent page will form the URL to apply one of the two tempaltes to this domain and host.

Domain Name
Host (optional)


For the asynchronous protocol, we need the domain name and the message as per above. We also need the list of hosts (including empty for the root) as the template can be applied multiple times. Examples:

Domain NameHostsValid fully qualified domain names for template application

The subsequent pages will get permission, and then allow application of template1 or template2 on domain/host tuples.

Domain Name
Host (optional)