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About Domain Connect

Domain Connect is an open standard that makes it easy for a user to configure DNS for a domain running at a DNS provider to work with a Service running at an independent Service Provider. The user can do so without understanding any of the complexities of DNS.

Example Service

Our service is a simple website builder. The website is designed, and then published on a specific domain with optional sub-domain.

Our site builder is hands down the lamest possible. The site built consists of a simple message string. But to attach the domain and optional sub-domain, our site builder shines as an excellent Service Provider using the Domain Connect protocol.

Running the Service

There are several different versions of designing the site and attaching it to a domain an and optional sub-domain.

Simple Flow shows a typical user interaction with Domain Connect. Use this if you want to experience a typical user experience.

Synchronous Flow Details shows all the details of the protocol and how it works. It injects extra steps and diagnostic information and is intended for the developer.

Asynchronous Flow shows all the details of the OAuth asynchronous version protocol. Like the Synchronous Flow Details, it injects extra steps and diagnostic information and is intended for the developer.


Signature Tools are available to aid the developer in generating valid signatures for use with certain templates.


The application uses two templates. Both are similar, but one adds an additional CNAME and ues signatures

Template 1

Template 2